Pride and Vibrancy Action Plan

Mural on Toilet in public facility

The Pride and Vibrancy Action plan is the fifth action plan that sits underneath the Community Wellbeing Strategy. The nature of Pride and Vibrancy means that the action plan is grounded in all of the Horowhenua District Council’s current strategies, particularly the Community Wellbeing Strategy and the Economic Development Strategy. It was borne out of the Community Wellbeing Forum, which recognised the need for a more cohesive approach to various council projects in urban planning, litter management, parks and reserves and township signs, alongside gaps in the economic development of the District.

Other documents which have inspired and make reference to elements of this project include the Horowhenua Development Plan, The District Plan, The Reserve Management Plan and Section 5 (Community Outcomes) of the Long Term Plan.

You can download and read the Pride and Vibrancy Action Plan below.

Pride and Vibrancy Action Plan (PDF, 2MB)