Pensioner Housing

Community Housing

Compassion Horowhenua has purchased Horowhenua District Council’s Community Housing portfolio.

All tenant’s existing conditions of tenancy will not change as part of the sale. This means tenants can continue to live in their home as per their current agreements.

Tenancies will be managed by Compassion Housing – a registered community housing provider.

About Compassion Horowhenua

Compassion Horowhenua is backed by the Sisters of Compassion Group and Willis Bond & Co. who are providing equity to support the Sisters in their mission. The Sisters and Willis Bond & Co. have a long-standing relationship and the Sisters have been providing community housing in Upper Hutt through Compassion Housing for 17 years since assuming ownership of the Upper Hutt City Council portfolio.

As a registered Community Housing Provider, Compassion Housing is an experienced provider of elderly housing and their residents have access to regular nursing visits and other services for the elderly.

Compassion Housing is committed to:

  • ensuring the housing portfolio is maintained in an exemplary standard over the long-term
  • retaining its policy of charging affordable rents
  • providing nursing assistance and other add-on resident services
  • ensuring that at least 90% of housing stock is available for the elderly.

Applications & Enquiries

If you have any questions, please contact Compassion Housing on 0800 4 MISSION or 0800 464 774.