Rural Halls Grant

The Rural Halls Grant ($30,000) aims to ensure rural halls across the district are maintained to a safe and functioning standard and is open for applications once a year. Council has determined that the following priorities will be applied in the assessment of applications lodged for funding:

Priority One - Any project that is directly related to protecting the overall integrity of the hall structure - this covers replacement of roofing/repainting of roof, replacement of cladding/repainting of exterior, provision/repair to water and waste water services and upgrading of/improvements to power supply.

Priority Two - Projects involving the interior upgrading of the hall, including repainting/repairs of interior linings, ceiling and floor structures, repairs to/replacement of windows to a more maintenance free and secure arrangement, together with the upgrading of toilet facilities to lower maintenance, water conserving units and provision of new, more modern ovens.

Priority Three - Projects that generally improve the visual appearance of the hall interior, i.e. floor coverings (carpet, vinyl, etc.), kitchen cupboards, improved lighting with energy conservation capabilities, and seating.

The Rural Halls Grants Subcommittee has decided that applicant halls will be required to meet a greater proportion of the costs associated with projects falling into categories 2 and 3 unless they pose a health and safety risk to users. If this is proven, a higher priority will be considered when assessing the application.

Applications Closed for 2019/2020

The 2019 funding round for the 2019/2020 financial year is now closed. Completed applications were due before 5:00pm on Friday, 30 August 2019.

Criteria & Accountability Form 

This link will take you another website Rural Halls Accountability Form - Online version
Rural Halls Accountability Form - Print version(PDF, 72KB)
Rural Halls Grant Criteria(PDF, 182KB)