Mayoral Discretionary Fund Application


The Mayoral Discretionary Fund was established for requests of financial assistance that are not eligible under the existing funding avenues within Council, or are of an emergency assistance nature.

The guidelines are to provide both a process and criteria for distribution of discretionary funds by the Mayor for the purpose of supporting organisations and/or individuals or as a response to emergency situations.

All decisions on funding are at the discretion of the Mayor and Community Grants and Funding Chairperson. Consideration of requests is subject to the availability of funds remaining in the Mayoral Discretionary Fund at the time application is received.

Applying for a Mayoral Discretionary Fund

Applications can be submitted using our online form below.

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All applications must comply with the following criteria 

  • To be eligible, applications must come from clubs, groups, organisations and/or individuals within the Horowhenua District.  
  • Funding cannot be for private gain or for waiving any Council fees or charges and cannot be for recurrent funding; however, applicants may apply for funding over successive years.
  • Applicants must not be eligible for funding from another Council source.
  • The maximum amount that will be allocated per grant will be $1,000.00. 
  • At least 2 references are required to testify to the bona fides of the requesting person/organisation, as well as the need/justification for the funding.
  • If the organisation/person has applied to other organisations for funding the list of organisations that have received requests for funding should be included in the application form.
  • The Mayor and Community Grants and Funding Chairperson will co-sign applications received to ensure all the criteria and guidelines are met. The Fund is to be included as a recurrent item in Council’s annual operational budget.

Applicant Instructions

  1. Applicants must complete all questions on their application and supply copies of all supporting documentation. Incomplete applications may result in being returned to the applicant. 
  2. An indication of the total funds required for the project/activity, and any other sources of funding applied for and/or received is to be recorded on your application.

  3. Details of who the payment is to be made to must be included, if application is successful (including bank deposit slip).

  4. If assistance is provided from the Mayoral Discretionary Fund, recipients will be required to: 
  • provide a written receipt for the amount provided
  • acknowledge Council’s contribution at the event and/or in the documentation eg annual report
  • write to the Mayor at the conclusion of the event/programme indicating the outcome, and including relevant photos/press articles.
  • complete an accountability form, certifying that the funds have been correctly used. Outstanding or overdue accountability requirements may affect further applications.

Mayoral Discretionary Fund - Accountability Online Form
Mayoral Discretionary Fund - Accountability Printable Form