Community Development Grant

The Community Development Grant aims to encourage community groups to organise community Development projects, events and initiatives that work towards the outcomes included in Horowhenua District Council's Community Wellbeing Strategy and related Action Plans (Youth, Positive Ageing, Education, Arts, Culture, Heritage; Pride and Vibrancy.) Projects also need to align with Council’s Grant Funding outcomes which include: Accessibility, Inclusion, Volunteerism; Neighbourliness; Social connection and Community Resilience.

There are two rounds of Community Development Grant Funding each year - $45,000 is allocated to Round 1 (August) and $25,000 is reserved for Round 2 (February) (a total of $70,000 for each financial year). This sum of $70,000 is set aside each year to assist non-profit organisations meeting criteria with community development projects and community service and support provision with consideration of some administrative costs.

Applications closed for Round 2 of 2018/2019

Applications for Round 1 of the 2018/2019 financial year opened on 28 January 2019 and closed at 5:00pm on Thursday, 28 February 2019.

Criteria and Accountability Form

This link will take you another website Community Development Grant Accountability Form - Online Form 
Community Development Grant Accountability Form - Print Form(PDF, 820KB)
Community Development Grant Criteria 2018/2019(PDF, 170KB)