Applying for a Building Consent

This page contains information on applying for a Building Consent.

A Building Consent must be obtained before the work starts. For complex projects, or if you are not familiar with building plans and establishing compliance with the Building Code, you may need to engage a design professional to supply the required drawings and information and to apply for a Building Consent on your behalf.

GoShift - Simpler, Faster Building Consents

Horowhenua District Council is one of more than 20 Councils around the country that are working together to bring consistency to the building consent process.

The vision of the initiative, called GoShift, is to deliver a consistent and timely consenting experience with the aim of providing a simpler process for building consent applications. GoShift is a partnership between Central Government (Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment) and Local Government (local councils) to improve performance, consistency and service delivery across the building consent system. You can find out more about the GoShift initiative by visiting the GoShift website.

PLEASE NOTE: At this stage you are not able to lodge online consents for Horowhenua District Council through the GoShift portal. We expect to transition to the online portal early next year.

All of the participating councils will be transitioning their current building consent application forms to a consistent version of application forms that have been developed as part of the GoShift initiative. Alongside the new application forms, a comprehensive set of guides have been designed to support you to understand and complete the applications for building work. The guides and application forms are available here on our website or the GoShift website.

You can also obtain a hard copy of any application or guide by calling into your nearest Council Service Centre, or phone us on (06) 366 0999 and request for these to be mailed out to you.

Transition to GoShift Application Forms & Guidelines

Horowhenua District Council will transition to the GoShift application forms and guidelines on 6 October 2017. From this date forward, it is important that you ensure that you are using the GoShift forms for your building consent related applications.

Applications made on the old forms will still be accepted up until Friday, 22 December 2017. After this date, Council will no longer accept any applications made on the old forms.

We're happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the GoShift initiative.  

Compliance Schedules

If as a result of the building work a specified system is being added or removed, this will require a compliance schedule or an amendment to a compliance schedule. If a compliance schedule is required, this will then create the need for a Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF). A BWOF is a building owner's signed statement that the inspection and maintenance requirements of the Compliance Schedule have been fully met. A copy of the BWOF must be displayed in a public area of the building.

General Guide to the Building Warrant of Fitness Process

An information pack to help guide you through the Building Warrant of Fitness process is available below, along with the relevant forms.

Plumbing and Drainage Documentation

All designers, plumbers and drain layers will be required to provide detailed plans and specifications for all plumbing work proposed in the application. Details required include materials being used, what standards they meet, and how they are to be installed.

Other Useful Information

You can also find useful information about applying for a Building Consent and download publications from the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment website. This website has a number of useful publications for homeowners, including a ‘Guide to Applying for a Building Consent’ (simple residential buildings) and the ‘Building Act and You’.

The Consumer website also has a lot of helpful information, especially for homeowners and people that are new to the building industry.

Once you have completed your application form you or your designer will need to check that you are providing all the required documentation and information, including a Project Information Memorandum (PIM) if applicable. A PIM can be applied for at the same time.