Proposed Plan Change 2

1. Overview

Consultation Status Date
Submissions Opened 3 November 2017 
Submissions Closed  5 December 2017 


Since the Horowhenua District Plan was reviewed in 2011/12 there has been a substantial change in the level of projected population and housing growth in the district. This lead to Council ‘testing’ some of the current District Plan provisions to understand whether they will be able to provide for anticipated growth in a sustainable way.

As a result of this some amendments are now proposed to the Residential zone provisions in the District Plan. The proposed amendments relate to the Residential zone only and will apply to properties within the existing urban boundaries of our local towns (ie no re-zoning of land is proposed). The proposed amendments include:

  • Provision for sites between 500m2 and 900m2 in Levin, Foxton, Foxton Beach and Shannon to be subdivided and create infill lots of a minimum size of 250m2 as a Restricted Discretionary Activity, and consequential changes to relevant bulk and location controls;
  • Provision for up to two residential dwelling units on a site as a Permitted Activity (subject to compliance with conditions);
  • Specific provision to enable large-scale, integrated residential developments to be assessed in a comprehensive manner as a Restricted Discretionary Activity;
  • Minor corrections relating to the application of private outdoor living area and accessory building provisions, and removal of the title date pre-requisite condition relating to residential infill subdivision; 
  • Replacement of the Medium Density Residential Development Design Guide; and
  • Extension of the area to which the Medium Density Overlay applies in Levin.

The above changes only apply to properties in the Residential zone.

All residentially zoned properties across the district will be affected as the rule changes create different development opportunities for these properties. Although the effects of the proposed change to infill subdivision, enabling the creation of lots of 250m2, are limited to properties in Levin, Foxton, Foxton Beach and Shannon.

The proposed extension of the Medium Density Overlay area will only affect properties in Levin within the area identified.

While not everyone will have aspirations of developing, property owners need to be aware that the proposed changes could result in different levels of development on their neighbour’s properties.

2. Public Notification and Submissions

Proposed Plan Change 2 was publicly notified on Friday, 3 November 2017 and is now closed for public submissions.

The Section 32 Report, the District Plan Text and Planning Map Amendments, the map showing the proposed extension of the Medium Density Overlay area and the proposed amendments to Chapters 6, 15 and 26 of the District Plan are all available to view below.

Hard copies of these documents are available to view at Council’s main office in Levin (126 Oxford Street) and the libraries in Levin, Foxton and Shannon during usual opening hours.

Properties that will be directly affected by the changes to the Medium Density Overlay will receive more information in the mail.

3. Submissions closed

Submissions closed on 5 December 2017. Further submissions will be open early in the New Year.

5. More information

If you have any questions about Proposed Plan Change 2 then you can email them to or call us on (06) 366 0999 and ask to speak to Caitlin O’Shea.