What's our Future Horowhenua?

This pre-engagement phase is now closed and the feedback will be used to help create the 2018-2038 Long Term Plan.

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Pre-engagement is closed 

Thank you Horowhenua for all the pre-engagement feedback on the Long Term Plan. We received hundreds of comments about what's important to you and our community. This pre-engagement phase is now closed and the feedback will be used to help create the 2018-2038 Long Term Plan which will be consulted on next year.

HDC Chief Executive David Clapperton says we can expect similar growth to that experienced by Kāpiti. So, as a community, we need to think about our towns, villages, our facilities and infrastructure.

“As part of this process we will be canvassing a new vision for our District – it is a conversation starter for the community, and highlights what is important to us and what we need to focus on in the future,” says Mr Clapperton.

Mayor Michael Feyen says the fresh approach will allow residents alongside community groups and Iwi to provide input into the Long Term Plan Consultation document as it is created.

“Before the plan can be written, we first need to find out from everyone what is important to them, what should be included in the plan, and if our vision is right or needs altering,” says Mayor Feyen.

What will happen to your feedback

The feedback received during pre-engagement will be compiled along the following themes:

  • An exuberant economy
  • Stunning environment
  • Thriving communities
  • Vibrant cultures
  • Enabling infrastructure
  • Positive relations with Tangata Whenua.

All feedback will be compiled and considered by Council Officers who will pull together the 2018-2038 Long Term Plan. Next year, in February, we’ll have a more formal submission process - this will be your time to consider the options and tell us if we got it right, or if further changes are needed. It is during this formal process when hearings are held - your chance to speak to all elected members, and we (Council) comes back to you on your submission with a response.