Planning - Fees & Charges



Horowhenua District Council's Planning fees and charges for the financial year 1 July 2016 - 30 June 2017 are provided below.

All fees are stated as GST inclusive and are effective from 1 July 2016. Council reserves the right to review any fees and charges at any time. Please contact Council for any updates.

Costs for Resource Consents and Other Applications

Horowhenua District Council charges fees for processing of a wide variety of planning-related applications processed under the Resource Management Act (RMA 1991) or Local Government Act (LGA) 2002 as listed below. The fixed charge is a deposit paid up front to enable Council staff to commence the process, actual charges are billed in accordance with time spent by staff on processing the application together with other associated costs.

Any work on applications will only commence on payment of the relevant fixed charge. Upon completion of processing an application the Council will invoice for any additional charges for any costs not covered by the fixed charge. The additional charges are set out below with the fixed charges.

Fixed Charge (Deposit) Additional Charge Per Hour (Processing Time)
Land Use Consent    
Fast Track Consent (see Note 1) $480.00 No
Minor Land Use Consent (see Note 2) $750.00 Yes
Other Land Use Consent (see Note 2) $980.00 Yes
Minor Subdivision / Boundary Adjustment (see Note 2) $930.00 Yes
Other Subdivision     Yes
- 2 to 5 additional lots   $1,735.00 Yes
- 6 to 10 additional lots   $2,790.00 Yes
- more than 11 lots   $4,460.00 + $270 per lot over 15 lots Yes
Certificate of Compliance   $565.00 Yes
Existing use Certificate   $565.00 Yes
Vetting of draft applications (first hour free).   $0.00 Yes
District Plan Amendments       
Private Plan Change (see Note 3) $5,485.00 Yes
New Designation/Heritage order  $2,230.00 Yes
Alteration of Designation/Heritage Order    $1,115.00  Yes
Other Applications     
Section 223 Application  $155.00 No
Section 224(c) or (f) Application   $340.00 Yes
Section 221 Consent Notice or Amendment/Cancellation   $205.00 Yes
Section 125 Application   $360.00 Yes
Section 127 Application   $465.00 Yes
Section 357 Lodgement Fee (see Note 6) $560.00 Yes
Outline Plan Approval or Waiver   $360.00 Yes
Bond Preparation   $165.00 Yes
Any other Application or Certificate under the RMA  $205.00 Yes
Any application under those provisions of the Local Government Act 1974 not repealed (eg Section 348)  $205.00 Yes
Notification and Hearing Costs    
Limited Notification $1,115.00 Yes
Full Notification   $2,230.00 Yes
Hearing Costs  (see Note 4) $3,285.00 Yes
Commissioner Costs (at applicant's request)  $1,675.00 At cost
Commissioner Costs (at submitter's request) (see Note 7)   At cost
Commissioner Costs (at Council appointment) (see Note 5)   At cost
Monitoring Costs    
Land Use Consents     
   Per Inspection $145.00 Yes
Subdivision consents      
   Per Inspection   $145.00 Yes
Residential Relocated Buildings     
  Refundable Monitoring Fee (see Note 8) $1,500.00 No
Council Officer's Hourly Rates    
Level 3 Planner   $172.00
Level 2 Planner   $162.00
Level 1 Planner       $145.00
Urban Designer   $162.00
Engineer     $145.00
Monitoring Officer     $145.00
Administration Officer    $103.00
Other Charges    
Consultant S42A planning reports (at applicant request)    At Cost
Consultant S42A planning reports (at Council request)     At Cost
Specialist Reports    At Cost
Mileage     At AA rates
Disbursements (Photocopying, printing docs and maps, food, etc.)     At Cost
Documents on CD   $10.00 No
Digital Capture Levy  $25.00 No
Pre Hearing meetings     At Cost
Title Searches     At Cost

Note: Applicants may apply for the remission of any charges, and have the right of objection and appeal to any “Additional” charges incurred (S36(6) of the Resource Management Act). Objections shall be heard by the Hearings Committee.

Notes to Fee Schedule

  1. Fast Track Consents apply only for applications of the nature and within the scope of what is described in "Table One" below.
  2. Minor land use consent is defined as any non-notified land use application for an activity in any one zone (not being a Fast Track Consent) which is a controlled activity or does not comply with one standard specified in the District Plan and for which the applicant supplies with the application sufficient evidence of consultation with potentially affected persons.
    A minor subdivision is a controlled activity subdivision for up to 1 additional lot including a boundary adjustment and not needing land use consent.
  3. Other "land use" or "subdivision" applications are any applications other than a minor applications as defined above, made under sections 9 and/or 11 of the RMA.
  4. Where the Council, at its own discretion, adopts a private plan change no further fee above the fixed charge shall be due.
  5. Based on a Chair at $100/hr + 2 councillors at $80/hr –average hearing 6 hours. Plus Administration & Technical Assistance 6hrs at the prescribed rates. 
  6. Commissioners’ costs shall not exceed the equivalent cumulative cost as if a quorum of the Hearings Committee had heard the application. It includes time in pre-hearings, site visits, deliberations and costs for the drafting of the decision. Commissioner charges in the case of hearings where Council has vested interests are justified on the basis that the applicant is not entitled to a free hearing, but should not have to pay more than would have occurred otherwise. Specialist costs shall include consultants as appointed by the Council and the costs of legal advice, provided that in the latter instance such costs may be waived in whole or in part at the discretion of the Planning Services Manager and/or the Chief Executive Officer.
  7. The Council will charge a fixed lodgement fee for objections lodged under Section 357 of the Resource Management Act. There will be no hearing fee although additional charges will be tracked. Where the decision is to uphold the objection in full the fixed lodgement fee will be refunded in full and there will be no additional charges. Where the objection is dismissed or partially upheld then the lodgement fee shall not be contestable and additional charges shall be split equitably where a partial decision is reached according to the opinion of the Chief Executive Officer.
  8. The submitter(s) pay the actual cost of the application being heard and decided less any charges payable by the applicant for the amount that it is estimated by the Group Manager - Customer & Community Services it would cost for the application to be heard and decided if the request has not been made. (Section 36 (1) (ab) of the RMA refers). 
  9. The refundable monitoring fee is to be required for residential relocated buildings (over 40m2 gross floor area) in the Residential, Rural, Greenbelt Residential and Commercial Zones that comply with the requirements of the Plan as a permitted activity. The refundable monitoring fee will be used by the Horowhenua District Council to cover the costs of monitoring inspections necessary to ensure that the reinstatement required is completed. Should the reinstatement work not be completed within 9 months of the building being delivered to the destination site, the monitoring fee may be used by Horowhenua District Council officers to fulfil the requirements of lodging and processing a resource consent application for the relocated building.

Fast Track Consents - Table One

Rule   Scope 
Residential Zone   
Maximum Building Height
Any non-compliance that does not exceed 0.3m 
Daylight Setback Envelope  
Any non-compliance that does not exceed 0.5m
Building Setback from Boundaries 
Any non-compliance that does not exceed 0.5m
Separation Distance between detached residential dwelling units. 
Any non-compliance that does not exceed 0.5m
Maximum Building Coverage 
Any non-compliance up to 3% of permitted floor area.
Accessory buildings
Any non-compliance up to 5m2
Greenbelt Residential Zone  
Maximum Building Height 
Any non-compliance that does not exceed 0.5m
Building Setback from 'Other' Site Boundaries  
Any non-compliance that does not exceed 1.0m
Dwelling Setback from Rural Zone Boundary 
Any non-compliance that does not exceed 5m
Maximum Building Coverage 
Any non-compliance up to 3% of permitted floor area.
Rural Zone  
Maximum Building Height 
Any non-compliance that does not exceed 0.5m
Building Setback from 'Other' Site Boundaries – sites over 5000m2 
Any non-compliance that does not exceed 3.0m
Building Setback from 'Other' Site Boundaries –sites less than 5000m2 
Any non-compliance that does not exceed 1.0m
Building Setbacks for 5000m2 where they share a boundary with a site of at least 20,000m2 
Any non-compliance that does not exceed 3.0m

Procedure for processing fast track consents

An application for a fast track consent will need to be made using the standard 'form 9' application form for a resource consent and it must be accompanied by all the usual information (i.e. a certificate of title with any relevant interests, a site plan and elevations, an assessment of environmental effects, photographs of the site, and written approvals of affected persons, if applicable). A fee of $480.00 must be paid upfront when a fast track application is lodged with the Council.

Note: Should the processing planner become aware of any additional non-compliance with the District Plan, the applicant will be notified that the application will no longer be processed as a fast track consent and the applicant will be informed that additional fees may apply. 


The Horowhenua District Council will utilize the following as policy in the recovery of costs under the Resource Management Act.

  1. The Council, in accordance with its Revenue and Finance policy, will recover 60 - 70% of actual and reasonable costs associated with the consent processing function under the RMA as defined by a scale of fees and charges approved in the required manner.
  2. Costs will be recovered through the application of ‘fixed’ and ‘additional’ charges to be applied in accordance with a scale of charges. That scale will define both ‘fixed’ charges (a deposit) and ‘additional’ charges as determined in respect of each type of application defined in the scale. Where the costs of any application are less or greater than the fixed charge by more than one hour's value the Council will refund or invoice the applicant respectively by an amount equivalent to the difference between the final amount and the fixed charge.
  3. Fixed Charges are refundable where the fixed charges received total less than the actual cost of the activity subject to point 2 above.
  4. Where requested, an estimate of additional charges will be given as required under the Resource Management Act.
  5. The Council will not commence (or continue if applicable) processing of any application without the pre-payment of the fixed charge.
  6. Costs against each application will be recorded for all costs incurred in processing the application and a final account will be drawn up in accordance with the procedures set out below.
  7. A minimum charge equivalent to one hour's time shall be accrued in respect of any application. This charge shall not be refundable.
  8. Where additional charges are incurred and are not met, the Council will administer the debt in accordance with normal practice. This may include the use of a debt recovery service.
  9. Where an application is heard by an Independent Commissioner at the request of the applicant, the applicant shall bear the full costs of that Commissioner.
  10. Where an application is heard by an Independent Commissioner at the request of the submitter(s) cost will be allocated in accordance with the procedure described under Note 6 of the Fee Schedules.
  11. Objections to additional charges will be heard by the Hearing Committee where not resolved by officers under delegated authority to remit such charges.
  12. Administrative charges are payable regardless of the outcome of the application.
  13. Where an application is for both Subdivision and Land Use consent, the Subdivision "fixed" fee shall apply.