Proposed Foxton Beach Reserves Investment Plan 2016-2026

Consultation Status Date
Submissions Opened: 15 December 2016 
Submissions Closed:  3 February 2017

The Foxton Community Board and Horowhenua District Council recently sought feedback on the Proposed Foxton Beach Reserves Investment Plan, a programme of investment in the public reserves at Foxton Beach. Funding has been allocated from the Foxton Beach Freeholding Account to make improvements within these reserves over a ten-year timeframe.

The ten public reserves targeted for investment by the Foxton Beach community and Foxton Community Board are shown in the map below and listed:

Proposed Foxton Beach Reserves Investment Plan Map.

  1. Cousins Ave Reserve
  2. Hennessy-Low Reserve
  3. Foreshore Reserve
  4. Holben Reserve
  5. Linklater Reserve
  6. Manawatu Estuary
  7. Hartley Street Reserve
  8. Sunset Walkway
  9. Flagstaff Reserve
  10. Ferry Reserve


Council owns land in Foxton Beach that was formerly owned by the Foxton Harbour Board. This land was largely endowed (or bequeathed/given) to the Council in 1956 (a negotiated amount paid for the endowment). The Foxton Beach Freehold Account (otherwise known as the Foxton Beach Endowment Fund) was set up to manage the accumulated funds from the continued lease and sale of this endowment land. These funds have to be used in such a way that both meet the requirements outlined in the endowment legal agreement, as well as providing for the wellbeing of the residents of Foxton Beach.

A budget of $1 million has been allocated over the next ten years for the reserves at Foxton Beach. Ensuring there is community agreement on the priorities for that budget is a major driver for this consultation.

Consultation closed

Through a series of community workshops earlier this year we were provided with some fantastic ideas and aspirations from the Foxton Beach community. The ideas proposed were plentiful and diverse and have been used to shape the Proposed Investment Plan.

We wanted to check that the Plan accurately reflects the ideas, issues and opportunities raised in the initial workshops and conversations, and welcomed feedback on the Plan and proposed actions through consultation which closed on 3 February 2017. We are now reviewing the feedback and finalising the Plan.

Investment Plan Documents

The Summary Document and Proposed Investment Plan are still available for viewing below.

Summary Document for the Proposed Foxton Beach Investment Plan(PDF, 275KB)
Proposed Foxton Beach Reserves Investment Plan (Full Document)(PDF, 17MB)
Proposed Foxton Beach Reserves Investment Plan (Full Document - Reduced Size)(PDF, 3MB)

The Draft Overall Concept Plan for Holben Reserve, contained within the full document, is also available below as a separate download.

Draft Overall Concept Plan - Holben Reserve(PDF, 510KB)


For any enquiries, please contact Caitlin O'Shea, Graduate Strategic Planner at Horowhenua District Council, by email to