Growing Levin - Town Centre Development Strategy

Consultation Closed

Consultation is not currently open for the Levin Town Centre Development Strategy. Council had initial consultation with the community in 2016 and the ideas and suggestions we received during this process were very valuable and are helping us shape the Development Strategy. Once the Development Strategy is complete it will be taken back out for the community to have their say.

Why do we need a Levin Town Centre Strategy?

Levin and the Horowhenua are changing. New people are moving here. New businesses are establishing here. New houses, offices and industries are being built here and this is only the beginning.

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Investment in the road network between Horowhenua and Wellington means Levin will be within an hour’s travel of the capital city and all places in-between. This means more people can choose to live in the Horowhenua and work either locally or elsewhere and vice versa. Equally, more businesses can choose to locate in the Horowhenua, with better access to surrounding markets.

This investment and growth means change. Change means new opportunities for our communities, for our towns and for our district. Important to this change is the role Levin town centre will play in the future of our district, as our largest town and as the central location for employment, retail and community facilities.

As a community we need to decide what sort of place we want Levin to be and how it should change and grow over the next 20-years.


Development Strategy 

Horowhenua District Council is preparing a development strategy to guide the future of Levin’s town centre. We need your knowledge, ideas and input so that the development strategy represents the future you want for Levin. The development strategy will:

  • Identify what’s working well and what could be improved and explore what changes can be made so that as the town centre grows it evolves into the sort of place we all want for the future
  • Look at how the town centre can change over the next 20 years, by when Horowhenua is expected to have grown by a third more people (10,000 new residents) – many who are likely to live in Levin.
  • Identify actions for Council, businesses, building owners, community organisations and other organisations that work in Levin
  • Identify projects and investment for Council to undertake on your behalf. This will then be taken through the Long Term and Annual Plan processes, for projects to be funded and prioritised.

There are five qualities we think should inform all future decisions - we want Levin’s town centre to be…

  1. A destination
  2. Connected
  3. Prosperous
  4. Social
  5. Resilient.