Draft Land Transport Bylaw 2017


Consultation Status Date
Submissions Opened: 16 March 2017 
Submissions Closed:  24 April 2017 
Hearing of Submissions:  28 June 2017 

Horowhenua District Council is proposing to introduce the Draft Land Transport Bylaw 2017, which amalgamates and replaces the following Bylaws due for review:

Council resolved to consult on the Proposed Draft Land Transport Bylaw at its ordinary meeting on 15 March 2017, using the Special Consultative Procedure as laid down in the Local Government Act 2002. Submissions on the proposal closed at on 24 April 2017.   

There are no real substantive changes to what is being proposed in the Draft Land Transport Bylaw 2017, except with the addition of matters pertaining to one way roads, vehicle accessways, damage to Council assets during property development, working in the road and fence encroachments.

Benefits of the Draft Land Transport Bylaw 2017 are:

  • One single bylaw incorporating the management and control of all traffic and stock movements rather than individual bylaws;
  • The opportunity to include other road use activities requiring regulation; and
  • Updating and including legislation references.

2.Hearing of Submissions

The Hearing of Submissions was held on 28 June 2017.