Pensioner Housing

Community Housing

Pensioner Housing Locations

Horowhenua District Council plays a quiet, and yet substantial role in providing pensioner housing for elderly in the community. Council has 115 pensioner flats, with units in:

  • Cambridge Park Lifestyle Village,
  • Levin Cambridge Place,
  • Levin Rugby Street,
  • Levin Waimarie Park,
  • Shannon Churchill Crescent,
  • Shannon Seaview,
  • Foxton Podmore, Foxton (The units were all refurbished about four years ago, with new kitchens, wet-floor showers and heat pumps.)

Eligibility for Pensioner Housing

By providing housing, the Council is aiming to support older people in our community to remain independent and suitably housed. Eligible applicants will: be aged 65 or over.  We will however consider applications of people who are 60 and over

  • with a disability which makes their current home unsuitable
  • have a connection with Horowhenua through their housing, work or family circumstances
  • have an annual income of less than $17,900 as a single person or $27,500 for a couple
  • be able to live independently, although they may receive support from someone to help to do this.

Application Process

The application process for our Pensioner accommodation has been designed to be fair, easy and to cause as little stress and disruption to applicants as is possible. To be considered for a property, applicants will need to complete an application either by: Calling in at one of our offices, requesting one by post or phoning Council on (06) 366 0999, or downloading our Pensioner Accommodation Application form available below.

Pensioner Accommodation Application Form(PDF, 76KB)

Additional Tenancy Terms and Conditions

Our additional Tenancy Terms and Conditions are also available for viewing by visiting our Additional Tenancy Conditions page.

Pensioner Housing Fees & Charges

Horowhenua District Council's fees and charges for Pensioner Accommodation can be viewed on our Pensioner Accommodation Fees & Charges page.

Direct Debit Form for Payments

Horowhenua District Council offers the option to pay Pensioner Housing rent by direct debit and assistance will be provided with completing the form. Please contact Council on (06) 366 0999 for more information.

Ending a Tenancy

As per the Residential Tenancy Act 1986, we require 21 days' notice to end a tenancy. A Notice to Vacate form needs to be filled in and returned to Council. This form is available for downloading below.

Pensioner Accommodation Notice to Vacate Form(PDF, 71KB)